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Gayle – Lakes Entrance – 2012

The room had everything I needed, 5 star accommodation!!  The kitchens were awesome. Everything was great!  The best thing was the social aspect of my stay. I made a new family here, the interaction was very positive and therapeutic.  It helped me to adjust to living away from home to overcome my fears.  I believe it also helped in my treatment and recovery from cancer.

Nola – Melbourne – 2012

Without Centenary House’s support we could not have supported our daughter through her radiation treatment.  The support in unobtrusive, kind, sensitive, warm and so very real.  After one week I realised that this house is full of people who though facing awful situations are very alive. I have learned a lot by just staying here.  When we returned for our 3rd week we felt as though we were coming home.

Bruce – Swan Reach – 2012

There are always friendly and helpful faces to help you through a very trying time. Being able to walk to treatment each day and not have to drive home (1¾ hours) each day was a Godsend.  We loved the whole feel of the place, there was no pressure at all to have to do anything other than look after ourselves.